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Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide - Jazz Is Magazine

...the umpteenth cover of "Europa" is positively dreamy, and gives Frazier seven minutes to modulate from sharp, crackling tones to distorted fuzziness. While his fiery duet interaction with the Hammond B-3 of Tyrone Jackson hints at a soul rich in blues history, Frazier sticks to his title concept by holding back a little too often when he could so easily let loose. As he aims for a distinctive sound, Frazier can't help but recall others who do the same type of thing. He simmers like Neal Schon, creates edgy electric melodies like Steve Laury and-to bring another new electric guitarist into the equation-will compete neck and neck with Gil Parris in the light rock/blues realm of smooth jazz. He employs the clever sharp/fuzzy modulation on "Spirit Dance," which finds him dancing on a shimmering B-3 bed. Jackson's piano solo on this tune, however, belies the edge that Frazier is aiming for. It's as if the guitar is being pulled back into pleasantville when it really wants to burn a bit more.

Marie Hamrick

I believe "Tyrone" is synonomous with musical genius. My favorite genres of music are gospel and jazz. You take the two and fuse them to the degree that I don't know where one begins and the other ends sometimes. I wish you well and will continue to support you in all your musical endeavors. My brother, keep giving us MORE! God Bless you, Marie

Ken Watters - yahoo jazz blog

Tyrone Jackson was on piano -- if you haven't heard Tyrone, you owe it to yourself to check him out. He's one of the best jazz pianists in the south -- EXTREMELY creative. (Atlanta is very lucky to have several world-class jazz pianists living right here...)
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